Broccoli & Caramelised Onion Tart GF

Broccoli & Caramelised Onion Quiche (GF/V)

A quiche or tart makes an easy healthy lunch or dinner with extra leftovers, or even a pre-made breakfast on the go. It’s a great dish to use up all your leftover veg at the end of the week. You can make it without a base as a frittata if you prefer. Serve it up with extra veg on the side such as a fresh green salad or steamed green beans.

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Healthy Nasi Goreng with Brown Rice GF

Healthy Nasi Goreng with Brown Rice (V/GF)

A healthy, vegetable packed version of a delicious favourite Asian stir-fry style rice dish! Nasi Goreng is a flavour packed dish with flavours of fresh chilli, coriander and sweet soy.

The issue I have with commercially made ones is they are usually made with refined oils, have added sugars in the sauce and generally don’t contain many good nutrients. Also be aware if you are gluten intolerant like me, as artificial soy sauces can contain gluten (alternatives are naturally brewed & fermented soy which causes breakdown of gluten or gluten free Tamari).

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