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BBN is a hub for healthy balanced living. Here to inspire you with nourishing whole foods plant-based meals, and healthier versions of your favourite dishes, sweets and snacks. Browse the blog to guide you with nutrition and health info for natural living, fitness, beauty, travel & lifestyle inspiration to live your fullest, happiest, balanced life.


That’s what BBN believes in. Great nutrition can create optimal health, increase our physical and mental performance, enhance our mood, improve body composition, prevent and manage chronic diseases and illness, and improve fertility. Great health makes us feel positive, happy and energetic, leading us to live life to the fullest! Food can be our powerful tool to improve our health and our life. As Hippocrates declared; “let they food be thy medicine.”

BBN’s approach to food: source local, sustainable produce as much as possible in today’s modern life and consume small amounts of animal protein (e.g. eggs/fish/poultry), choosing to focus more on increasing plant-based food. We love and follow Michael Pollan’s approach to nutrition; “eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” We understand the challenges of following this in today’s world and are by no means perfect. But we believe that each of us can play our own small part to make a significant difference to our environment (and improve our own health!) by reducing our meat intake and eating more veggies.

Health and wellness isn’t only about nutrition. BBN advocates healthy living including being active and fit, taking time to rest and sleep well, and using toxin-free natural home and beauty products. Perhaps most importantly is our relationship with ourselves. Practicing self-love and having positive relationships including with ourselves (and with food) is vital to a positive mindset and outlook on life.

Balanced Body Nutrition’s mission is

to empower you with knowledge and inspire you with confidence 

to live a healthy, happy, balanced life.

One meal, one day at a time.

About Me

Tris profileHi, I’m Tristen (you can call me Tris). An aspiring nutritionist & health coach, nutritional medicine student and blogger. In a nutshell, I’m a self-confessed wholefood lover, nutrition nerd (one of my besties calls me a talking textbook), fit foodie and meal-prep queen. I love to create, eat and share food that’s both delicious and good for you. I live a healthy balanced lifestyle, I eat mostly whole-foods, exercise regularly (I love weights, outdoor walks & I’m a want-to-be yogi) and look after my body as best I know how.

I don’t follow diet or food trends and I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, but I do believe a foundation of good quality, nutrient dense whole foods is something everyone needs. However, I love evidence-based and science-backed methods for therapeutic treatment of disease, for weight loss, muscle-building, or sports-specific, and believe these diet strategies have place when used under guidance of health professionals. We are each individual and we need to find out what works best for us and our goals (and this is all why I can’t wait to be qualified as a Nutritionist!).  I’m also a big believer in balance for our body, mind and soul. I love regularly going out for meals with friends. I enjoy occasional treats, red wine, dark chocolate or homemade sweets. And trust me this girl is not afraid of a burger. Sometimes I throw moderation out the window and indulge (don’t let me lose around a cheese and dip platter!). But I’m also mindful of what goes into my body and how I live on a daily basis.

My lifestyle makes me feel healthy, strong, empowered, confident and full of love and life. I’m on a mission to inspire you and show you how easy healthy living can be and how you can create an amazing life for yourself. And that’s how Balanced Body Nutrition was born.

The Longer Story

Oh goodness, where do I start? It seems so simple, writing a little about yourself, your past and how it brought you to today. What would you say if someone asked about you? I feel there’s so much to say yet I’ll keep it brief. And just maybe the longer, longer story will be saved for a book one day…

When I was 21 I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). I had severe acne, rarely had a period, I was underweight, had terrible ovary pain and started noticing hair growing in places you really don’t want as a female. At the time I had no idea what PCOS was but all I can remember was the Doctor telling me “PCOS makes you infertile, you won’t be able to have children, at least not without IVF.” (only to find out much later this is NOT true!). I walked out of the Doctors clinic and burst into tears. At 21 I hadn’t even thought about whether I wanted children. But to be told my body couldn’t perform what a women’s body was made for was so devastating for me.  I was given the OCP (oral contraceptive pill) with a mention of diabetes medication if it didn’t improve. What?! I didn’t even have diabetes and I certainly didn’t like the idea of putting medications and synthetic hormones into my body unless absolutely necessary. But I let it go, for about 2 years before doing anything. During this time my gut health declined. I started reacting to food, mostly gluten and dairy. I struggled to properly digest certain meals and often felt bloated and sluggish.

What this lead to for me was a quest for answers. There had to be more to it. There had to be another way. So I asked questions, I researched, I spent a couple of years in and out of a Naturopath clinic being guided on how to treat and manage PCOS naturally and heal my gut.  I never ended up taking diabetic medication and I stopped taking the OCP.  Instead, I began learning what foods did and didn’t work well for me, I began changing what foods I ate, my lifestyle, and the way I exercised. I discovered that our body wants to be in balance and has it’s own mechanism for healing, you just have to provide it with the right environment. Over time my body healed. My ovaries became normal, my acne cleared, and finally I started getting periods again. I still can’t eat gluten and only limited dairy but I’m finally digesting foods properly again.

So much happened over the last decade. It lead me to discover my passion and love for nutrition, food, health and wellness. I finally took the plunge to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, which I’m currently doing part time and LOVING! I achieved some other goals too. I got into weight training and finally put on some healthy weight and muscle. I went on to compete in fitness/bodybuilding competitions, won a few medals and I learnt not only how nutrition and food could heal, but how it could transform. But as much as I loved it at the time, it was not a lifestyle I wanted to live. I needed to find balance. And in finding balance I found true health.

I hope my journey, my story and the pages in this blog inspire you to begin or continue a wellness journey of your own. I hope it empowers you create a long-term healthy, happy, balanced life for yourself.

Tris ♥