Why A Clean Home Is Good For Our Health

There’s something so relaxing about arriving home to a clean and tidy space. Our homes should be our sanctuary, a place to unwind after a big day, a place for laughter and time spent with family, and a place to cook and enjoy nourishing meals. It could come as a surprise though, that a clean home actually makes us healthier, in more ways than one.

Last weekend my partner Flynn and I moved into our first bought home together. To make the move less stressful, and to give ourselves more time to spend setting up our new home and enjoying our first weekend in our new neighbourhood, we hired Fantastic Services to do the end of lease clean in our old apartment. It would have taken us our entire Sunday to get the place detail cleaned like they did but instead we were able to sleep in, enjoy brunch out and strolls the farmers markets in our new neighbourhood.

Fantastic Services can do all your home cleaning and maintenance needs, with over 25 specialised services from cleaning, gardening, waste removal, to handymen (and more). They even have an app for iOS and Android users for quick easy booking at the tip of your fingers. Fantastic Services End of Lease clean covers everything from top to bottom, inside cupboards, doors, walls and windows, and all those little places we forget to clean. It’s an unlimited time service, so no hidden costs (and yes to getting your full bond return!) Our old apartment looked incredibly clean and it meant one more task we didn’t have to worry about. Outsourcing cleaning to Fantastic Services made life so much easier, and we were so happy with their professionalism and quality of work that we would happily recommend them.

(After cleaning service by Fantastic Services)

It got me thinking about how important a clean home is for our health in many ways, supporting just another good reason why hiring a house cleaner is good for your health when you’re simply lacking time to clean.

1. Healthier family

Our bodies absorb and react to our environment around us. A clean home means less spread of bacteria that can cause coughs and colds and less dust that exacerbates asthma and allergy symptoms. Non-toxic cleaning products are my preference to use when I clean my home, but when life gets too busy I outsource and hire the help of Fantastic Services house cleaners.

2. Promotes positive mental health

Ever realised you feel happier when your house is clean? That’s because there’s a connection between a clean home and our mental health. A 2010 study published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found women who described their home as ‘cluttered’ or with ‘unfinished projects’ had higher less of stress hormone cortisol than those who described their home as restful.

3. Improves physical fitness

According to a study by Indiana University’s Physical Activity Department, people with a clean house tend to be more active and healthy. The study looked at the physical health of 998 people aged between 49 and 65, comparing their levels of physical activity and the cleanliness of their homes. The results showed that those with the cleanest homes were also the healthiest and most active.

4. Increases our chances of eating healthy

It may come as no surprise that when you and your environment feels organised, you feel motivated to make healthy choices. A study published in Psychological Science journal revealed that clean orderly environments promoted healthier snack choices. Many of us also know that when we feel stressed or anxious (which could come from a messy home), we tend to overeat or more often crave a sugary pick-me-up snack.

5. Boosts productivity & creativity

“Clutter is the enemy of creativity” – Jeff Goins. Our mind is able to focus and be more analytical when we have physical and mental space to think. I personally find when my home is clean I notice a boost in my productivity at uni work and I find my creative juices flow for more recipe and content creation (like right now as I’m writing this from my clean home).

The next time you’re feeling stuck in a rut, lacking motivation or just finding yourself too busy to maintain a clean home, try a house cleaner. You’ll feel a breath of fresh air.

For more info on Fantastic Services, check out their website and blog HERE.

♥ Tris


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