5 Reasons Why Hiring a House Cleaner Will Change Your Life

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It may seem like a luxury, but hiring a house cleaner makes practical sense. It’s more affordable than you think, and it doesn’t mean you’re lazy! I tried it and was so happy with the experience. Here’s the real reasons why you should hire a cleaner.

Christmas is always such a busy and exciting time of year isn’t it?! No matter how organized I try to be and how early I (*attempt*) to start Christmas gift shopping, I always feel like I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get everything done in time and keep up with all the social events! And somewhere in all the festivities I need time to clean our home…

This week I had Fantastic Services, a domestic cleaning and maintenance company, performing in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, come into my home for a one-off cleaning service. Wow was it the best idea yet!

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I let them in to our apartment one lunchtime, then came home after work to a sparkling clean and incredibly tidy apartment, all ready to host a dinner with our family this week. Not only was I impressed with their professionalism and quality of cleaning they had done, but all our home décor had been dusted and placed back ever-so-perfectly, the skirting boards were cleaned. The stove top and range-hood were sparkling (there were a few marks I was struggling to get off) and the oven was cleaned, ready for another round of recipe creations!

For some reason I’ve always felt hiring a cleaner was a luxury or a sign of laziness, but how wrong I was. It was so nice to have a break from cleaning and focus on everything else I wanted to do. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a very house-proud person, and I love having a clean and tidy home. If I’m really honest, mess and untidiness actually makes me feel anxious.

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After my great experience with having a cleaner, here’s my 5 reasons why YOU should outsource your house cleaning:

1.You work full time & have a busy family/social life

Let’s be honest, after busy days of working you want to enjoy your weekend/days off right?! I love days off for spending quality time with my partner, family and friends, exercising, trying out new restaurants, strolling the weekend markets, going to the movies, and just getting out in the sunshine and enjoying life. As much as I love having a clean home (and I actual enjoy cleaning), I want more time to experience life and enjoy the moments.

2. Your time is more valuable than the cost

House cleaning services are more affordable than I thought. But honestly your time is valuable, spend it wisely. You don’t necessarily need a cleaner every week, but some weeks you might find you have a full calendar or just don’t feel like using your energy for cleaning when you could be doing other things.

3. It will be cleaner if someone else does it; and they’ll clean things you might miss

I have high-standards when it comes to cleaning, and I actually enjoy doing it. But how often have you been in the middle of cleaning something, only to be distracted by something else that “needs doing”. Only to rush what you’re doing to move on to the next thing? #guilty. Just remember, it’s a cleaner’s profession to clean and they take pride in their job. To my surprise (and slight perfectionist shame) our house was cleaner than when I do it! Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can ensure all those little nooks and crannies we forget will be cleaned.

4. You enjoy entertaining

I love everything about entertaining. From meal planning to prepping and cooking, setting a beautiful table, and enjoying the company of family and friends. I love getting people together (especially over yummy food!). Having a house cleaner come in before to ensure everything is super clean takes away the stress and means I can enjoy all the fun of entertaining.

5. You deserve a break; and more time to invest in yourself

When was the last time you sat and read a book, went for a walk with a friend, had your hair or nails done, started that hobby you keep saying you want to try, actually meal prepped for the week ahead? Time for a little ‘me’ time.

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Having Fantastic Services come in and clean was so easy and just took the hassle and stress out of trying to fit everything in this week. It’s something I will certainly do again when I get busy, and I highly recommend their affordable services. Do yourself a favour by taking a break one week and enjoy the important things in life.

♥ Tris


** This post is in collaboration with Fantastic Services (fantasticservicesgroup.com.au). I only ever recommend products and services that I have personally tried and absolutely love. This article has been solely written by me and are my personal views and experiences. Thank you for your support in the businesses that support Balanced Body Nutrition.


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