PHO to go… a Miso Pho Soup recipe

There’s something about a warming bowl of soup that is incredibly nourishing for the body, mind and soul.

When I have time I love making a slow cooked soup and relaxing on the lounge with a in a comfy pair of pjs, tucking into a warm bowl or two… now that spells winter. But when life gets busy and I need a healthy packed lunch or dinner for work or uni, I can’t go passed a meal in a jar. So quick, so simple, so delicious. Here’s how:


In a large glass jar layer the following:

  • Handful of noodles – konjac (low carb – see below for health benefits), rice, soba… the choice is yours!
  • 3/4 tbls Miso paste (check the labels and buy one without added sugar!)
  • Add extra spices for the health benefits – turmeric, ginger strips, chilli
  • 100g cooked protein of choice – I used poached chicken. Prawns are a great option.
  • Variety of vegetables of choice – start with lightly steamed cruciferous veg (broccoli, cauli or shredded cabbage/wombok), mushrooms, shredded carrot, bok choy, then top with dark leafy greens such as spinach.
  • Top with half a lime

That’s it! Take it with you, boil a kettle and top with water. Squeeze the fresh lime in. Shake and let sit for a few minutes to steam the veggies, then eat from the jar or pour into a bowl and enjoy!!

A little nutritional note about Konjac noodles:

Konjac is an Asian root vegetable ideal for promoting satiety (feeling full) due to its high fibre and low carb content as well as containing nutrients calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. The main fibre in Konjac, Glucomannan fibre will increase up to 200 times of its original volume after absorbing water, slowing digestion and absorption of glucose, reducing blood sugar. The fibre ferments in the large intestine and acts as a prebiotic feeding Lactobacillus bifidus growth. Glucomannan fibre aids clearing the digestive tract including bile acids which reduces LDL cholesterol and fat absorption.

Konjac noodles have great health promoting benefits as well as being particularly beneficial for those with diabetes, PCOS, high cholesterol or to aid with weight loss.


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