Food as Medicine

IMG_2409 (2)

As a society we can no longer deny the need and power of using FOOD AS MEDICINE to prevent, manage or cure health issues and disease. We can no longer deny that the food we eat, what we put in and on our bodies, our environment and lifestyles hasn’t had a massive negative impact on our health and our environment. It’s so easy to pop a pill to bandaid health issues, meanwhile refusing to believe that the food we eat that is directly turned into nutrients to make our mind and body function affects us and plays a major role in stats showing our society’s declining mental health, declining reproductive health, rising obesity and chronic disease rates and rising alcohol and drug abuse.

We are literally what we eat and we are a product of our environment.

So many people still wont recognise the need for holistic Nutritionists and other Natural Therapies practitioners because they don’t believe in the importance of food and lifestyle for health, yet countless studies and medical research show the direct connection of food/nutrients and health issues including mental health, world leading MD (medical doctor) & brain specialist Terry Walhs treats her Multiple Sclerosis naturally using food as medicine, leading fertility specialists educate about “food first” to balance hormones.

Our health is our responsibility. Rather than blame our Government, Doctors, media etc. educate yourself and take action. Because every choice you make has an impact – on you today, next year and in 10 years, on our environment and on future generations. Next meal you make choose mindfully about how it will impact you and our environment.

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